A memorial package typically comes with a small blanket, small fleece heart, and a memory envelope to place your keepsakes in. All items are made with love and prayer hoping they’ll offer comfort to those who receive them.

Please note:  All our items are free of charge. If you would like to contribute toward shipping, you may do so through PayPal. Shipping costs vary between $4.50-$5.60. PayPal user name is dawn@ashleys-angels.org.

There is NEVER a charge for the items I make and send out. My goal is to make items and offer comfort to as many people as possible.

Please email me if you’d like to request a memorial package.

Example Packages:

Memory Envelopes – Made of white fabric, lined and intended for parents to keep the memorial items in.
The following items can be added to a memorial package:

Small Fleece Hearts – Designed for the mother of miscarriage who doesn’t have anything tangible to hold on to after losing a baby.

Small Fleece blankets – Small fleece blankets that go with the small fleece hearts.

Small Flannel Blankets – Small flannel blankets in Pink or Blue to go with the personalized hearts.

Small Fabric Hats – Little hats used as keepsakes for the packages. Pink, Blue or White ribbons on the white hat.