How you can help

Angel Gowns, Burial Wraps, Memory Envelopes, Small White Fleece Blankets, Small Fleece Hearts, and Small Flannel Blankets are FREE … and there will never be a charge for them.

DONATIONS – How to Help



White is the most reverent color for these precious angels…

White Wedding Gowns have beautiful fabric and provide enough fabric to make several Angel Gowns and other items.  Brides who feel the calling have a special opportunity to share a glimmer of happiness to grieving parents by honoring these precious babies with their beloved gown. Wedding gowns are so special and precious that there are two criteria that I have before taking them.  One is that they are White, as parents and hospitals that contact me want white for these precious babies.  Second is that there is plenty of white satin fabric and not a lot of sequins….as sequins can be taken off but then leaves the fabric with lots of little holes in it.  I don’t want to waste someones beautiful gown and want to be sure I can use as much as possible.

White Sheets  are great for this.  Do you have any nice thick sheets that your grandmother had??  I had beautiful sheets that my grandmother had and they made beautiful bereavement items.  They are quite thick and cotton.  So if you have any or know someone who does and they would like to donate them I would be thrilled.

White Fleece is also something that I use for the fleece blankets and hearts.  Any white fleece that is soft will be great. (the best white fleece I have found is at Hobby Lobby)


I use 1/8″ and 1/4″ white ribbon


Any type of soft white yarn baby yarn.

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn (White)

(used to make prayer shawls for hospitals)



            Since so much of this is out of pocket for me, I will accept any monetary donations that people want to give.  I am not a business or even a charity 501C3 – so I can’t offer  tax receipts.

I can also accept gift cards to local stores such as Wal-Mart (lace and trim), Hobby Lobby (trims and fleece), Joann Fabric (thread and flannel) and Michael’s . (most of my supplies are bought at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.)