Thank you….

Without the help of others I could not donate everything that I make.  No one in need is ever asked to cover any cost of the items or shipping.

  •  Thank you to Pat Quinlan for all of your hard work!  I was blessed to meet Pat a few years ago when she asked me to donate to the hospital where she is a volunteer chaplain.  Since then Pat has worked hard at helping me receive wedding gowns.  She has gotten several beautiful wedding gowns donated to Ashley’s angels.  Now, on top of that, she sews burial wraps and memory envelopes to donate to help me fulfill the orders that I have from hospitals all around the country!  Thank you PAT!  I appreciate all you do for Ashley’s Angels!
  • Thank you to the hundreds of brides that have donated their beautiful wedding gowns to me.  Without that beautiful material I am not sure I could do what I do.  I could not buy material as wonderful as the white satin from these gowns!  I am so touched by how many people want to help in this way!
  • Thank you to my mom, Karen, who helps me take these gowns apart to render the fabric that I turn into Angel Gowns.
  • Thank you to Prenatal Partners For Life for the donations you have made….it continues to go a long way to help in this mission.
  • Thank you to What’s New? Second Hand Store for the donations of wedding gowns.
  • Thank you friends and family who have put the word out there about Ashley’s Angels and helped get wedding gowns donated!!
  • Thank you to my husband Jason who encourages me every step of the way, goes without a hot cooked meal more times then I would like to admit, and allows me as much time as needed to help these very precious families.  Without your support I could not do what I do.  Helping me do this in our daughter’s memory means so very much to me.
  • Thank you to the Pathology Department at Catholic Medical Center, Manchester NH for your generous donation to Ashley’s Angels.
  • Thank you God for putting the idea in my head to continue doing these things when others had stopped.  Without God’s leading, this ministry would not be what it is today.  He is amazing and I see His grace and love every day and through every parent that I am blessed with helping through this difficult time.

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