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Welcome to Ashley’s Angels

  • Posted on March 18, 2012 at 12:06 am

My name is Dawn Kalgren.  I live in Bedford, NH.  My special gift is sewing to help others and I love it.  I believe I am called to help parents who face the death of their baby at birth; whether through still birth or miscarriage.  Life at every stage is precious and my ministry is to help grieving parents honor their littlest one.

I make an assortment of items and donate them to local hospitals, birthing centers, and anyone in need.  These items are handmade and free of charge.

I feel a calling to this ministry and empathize in a special way with Moms suffering the loss of their baby.  I too have had troubled pregnancies.  I have been pregnant five times and am blessed with two children alive and healthy.  I have suffered two early miscarriages (12 week and 9week) and a daughter, stillborn, whom we named Ashley.

My daughter Ashley inspires me and I do this in her memory.  Ashley was still born on September 14, 2001.  We found out that she had died on September 12, 2001.  We had nothing to dress her in and my mom went out and bought her a small pink doll dress.  It is my goal that no other family has to go buy a doll dress or anything else for their baby.  This is such a difficult time and I don’t want families to worry about these things.

I want there to be beautiful angel gowns available in every hospital and birthing center. Infant death is not something that most people think about -or even want to think about.  However there is a real need, and  I aim to do my part in helping as many families possible.